Unstoppable Passion

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  1. ONLINE The Passion Test Workshop - make yourself unstoppable!
  2. How To Untap Your Unstoppable Passion
  3. How To Untap Your Unstoppable Passion
  4. Kendra Scott

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ONLINE The Passion Test Workshop - make yourself unstoppable!

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How To Untap Your Unstoppable Passion

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How To Untap Your Unstoppable Passion

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There is a Substance of a Dream that courses through your veins that makes up a part of who you are. Or, as far as Network Marketing , do you just dabble at it, and not take it seriously, and end up drowning in excuses? Many people dabble in Life and MLM success , never getting serious about it, and then end up drowning in a sea of excuses and mediocrity with waves of regret.

Let Network Marketing be the vehicle that lights you up and gets you closer to the dream you have for your life. Do something with what lights you up, and MLM be the energy behind the vehicle that Drives the Success of it. It gets in your blood. It becomes a part of who you are and what you do. And it infuses your blood with an injection of Passion in Network Marketing.

It is what the Power of all Success is made of, and is connected to. What is Passion in MLM? In MLM, Passion is the missing ingredient to most people who quit. What turns your Fire up and Ignites it so quick that when you think of it, it consumes you? What Lights you up? A Sport?

Kendra Scott

And so many people have created environments that prevent them from pursuing their passions in a meaningful way. We fill our lives with so much stuff — material stuff, emotional stuff, and an over-abundance of activities, tasks, and unnecessary time-fillers.

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We are so overwhelmed and distracted that there is no room for passion and no time to search for it. One of the first steps I recommend to people as a life passion coach is to begin to simplify their lives — both their interior and exterior lives. Living a passionate life requires that you focus intently on your passion.

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You need to have the time to be fully engaged in it, to practice it, to continue to learn and grow with it. Otherwise, you are just skimming the surface which will never allow your passion to blossom. It is imperative that you create an environment that is conducive to life passion. And to do that, you must be aware of your current environment and how you can change it. Oh my, there are so many questions. Finding your passion is a process — like peeling back the layers of an onion. But one great place to start is by asking yourself these three questions:. When you can identify the intersection of your values, your aptitudes, and what really engages you, you are on the way to uncovering your passion.

When you have a strong interest in something and you begin to practice it to become proficient, you hopefully become more engaged in the interest. As you become more engaged, you come to internalize a higher purpose for your pursuit — it becomes deeply meaningful for you. That is when it truly becomes a passion. This is part of the natural experimentation of seeking your passion. There are clues in many places. You can take personality and career assessments to get some good foundational information.

You should go back into your childhood and youth to look at old interests and passions you may never have explored fully. You can read about other people who have pursued various passions to see what resonates with you. You can focus on what you find yourself gravitating towards at work or in your personal life.